Ensuring the continuity

The GEOS group, a leading risk management company with special focus on high-risk zones, leverages the experience and expertise of its employees to bring peace of mind to companies and institutions, allowing them to develop their projects on an international scale.

In 1998, GEOS established its first subsidiary outside Europe and, since then, the group has opened more than a dozen offices and established many partnerships throughout the world.

Regardless of geographic location or the risks involved, the men and women of the GEOS Group are driven by a deep motivation: to give our clients the satisfaction of successfully completing their projects in complete safety and security.

The GEOS Group offers a broad range of services (operational and support) and is constantly seeking to invest in new talent as part of its business development activities and for the benefit of leading companies, with a view to training them to become ambassadors of the group’s expertise and integrity.

​By joining the GEOS group, you will benefit from being part of a group with a code of ethics and core values ​​focused on customer satisfaction, and you will have many opportunities to develop your skills and advance your career as part of a dynamic team.